Chloride Soul – Spider in the wing mirror (2018)

Chloride Soul - Spider in the wingmirror (album cover) png 500x500

After quite a few rewrites and takes and testing out various places to record the vocals and a frustrating week or so of trying to master the files that I recorded though the air straight into my iPhone, I now have an album.

It was recorded very cheaply, I only bought the iPhone so I could spend a few pounds on Garageband and record where-ever I want. I used an Alvarez acoustic guitar on most of the songs and a Mexican Fender Telecaster Deluxe was my electric guitar for this album played through a Roland Cube amp. Some of the songs (She was, She was there, Last song) I recorded properly using Studio One and a dynamic mic but most of them I placed my iPhone on the edge of the bed and played guitar into it. I did all the bass, which appears on about half of the songs, straight into my interface using a Fender Precision (thanks to Josh Stable for letting me use it). All the vocals were recorded straight into my phone in weird locales that had privacy. My car, some nearby public toilets that no one ever uses, a local church that is always open at night, my room. I mastered it in audacity. My younger brother took the cover photo and made the cover design. I only say all this because people get hung up on producing and mixing and spending a fortune on equipment. I am a musician, not a producer. Hell, I’m not even really a singer, I’m just a guitarist really. But we have to be able to do things without permission from better qualified people. We don’t need a lot of the things people say we need.

It is what it is. If I had spent money on getting outside help, it might have sounded more polished  but I would have rushed the songs, felt creatively stifled and not able to change my mind as freely as I did.

There are some things on here, especially the vocals, where I think how the hell was that the best one of me singing that verse out of about forty takes?! But also there are bits with the guitars that came together almost by accident that were lucky to have even been recorded on the first take.

So here it is.

I wrote the album for myself but I am a person who has opinions about things and I know what I like. Other people have the capacity to like or dislike things and have opinions too. But to do that you have to take time to watch, read, talk to or listen to their music….



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